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Google could make up for the Pixel Watch’s aging chip with a co-processor and lots of RAM and storage

It could be another Tensor-branded chipset based on Samsung’s processors

Rumors last week that the Pixel Watch was powered by an Exynos 9110 set the internet on fire. It seemed like a four-year-old processor was exactly how Google would boost its chances of getting Wear OS on the right track with new hardware. New rumors seem to confirm that the Pixel Watch runs fine on an Exynos 9110, but with the help of a second chip, it might not be the disaster everyone expected.

The folks at 9to5Google report that a second source has confirmed that Samsung’s chipset will power Google’s first smartwatch, but it’ll be joined by a co-processor designed to take some of the load off the 9110. It’s easy to imagine the The company is rebranding this combination as Tensor, especially since the Pixel 6’s Tensor chipset uses an Exynos SoC as its template. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if Google plans to transfer its brand to wearable devices — and what its co-processor will do specifically.


That’s not the only spec revealed in today’s leak. Reportedly, the watch will include 32GB of storage, double what’s found in the Galaxy Watch4, its closest competitor and one of our favorite Android smartwatches right now. It will also include more RAM than the 1.5GB powering Samsung’s 2021 laptop, although it’s unclear how much its memory allocation will increase. Despite the current controversy surrounding its supposed chipset, these numbers would make Google’s smartwatch one of the most powerful on the market.

We also learn some of the details surrounding the Pixel Watch’s built-in fitness tracking gear and, surprise, it looks a lot like a Fitbit. As well as a heart rate sensor, it’s able to track SpO2 levels and take ECG readings, much like some of the company’s recent fitness trackers.

With the Pixel Watch just a few months away from hitting store shelves, we may be facing a bit more mysteries. Who knows – maybe these recent leaks will prompt Google to release more information about its next wearable.

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