Curry got a call from Obama while still on the court after Finals

Curry got a call from Obama while still on the court after Finals

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and former President Barack Obama are friends, and the 44th president wasted no time calling to congratulate the point guard after he won his fourth NBA Finals and first Finals MVP award.

While Curry was still on the court at TD Garden Thursday night, he could be seen taking that call from the former president. In a quick video shared by 95.7 The Game, Curry can be heard saying into the phone “All I can say is let’s golf soon” before laughing.

Curry and Obama have played golf together on several occasions over the years, with Obama remarking, “Steph is an unbelievable golfer, much better golfer than I am.”

The Warriors star told ESPN of the post-Finals call, “To get a call from him and be able to hear his sense of pride and congratulations meant the world. It’s all kind of surreal.”

Outside of golf, Curry and Obama have appeared together to discuss social issues and philanthropy. In 2019, the duo held a three-day convention in Oakland to discuss “reducing youth violence, growing impactful mentorship programs and improving life outcomes for boys and young men of color.”

At that event, Obama cracked a memorable joke at Curry’s expense. When someone in the audience asked the pair to talk about “some of the struggles” they went through, Obama quipped, “Well, Steph, why don’t you talk a little about some of the struggles with your ankles, man.”

“That’s a sensitive subject,” Curry, who has a well-documented history with ankle injuries, replied through laughs.

At the conclusion of the 2022 NBA Finals, Obama tweeted, “With four championships in eight years, the @Warriors leave no doubt of their place as one of the NBA’s greatest dynasties. Congrats to Finals MVP Steph, Draymond, Klay, Coach Kerr and the rest of Dub Nation for such sustained excellence.”

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