Elden Ring

Elden Ring gave me the confidence I needed to try Dark Souls again

Before Elden Ring, I had played less than two hours of any other FromSoftware title. Comfortable in the FPS world, the mechanics of Dark Souls or Bloodborne were too specific and too unforgiving for my often twitchy reactions. The promise that Elden Ring would be more approachable than the Dark Souls games that scared me off (thanks to its open world and flexible fast travel system) was the only thing that convinced me to even try FromSoftware’s latest game.

I’ve now logged nearly 75 hours of playtime with Elden Ring, and am taking my sweet time making my way through The Lands Between. I’ve written about how I’m using summons to get through the game with help from friends and strangers alike, and I’ve crafted such a magic-focused build I can cheese my way through almost every encounter. But what is it like when an Elden Ring player tries another FromSoftware title? Have I actually learned anything that will help me get through a franchise I have famously had temper tantrums over? Turns out, Elden Ring has gently molded me into (pause for effect) a FromSoftware fan. 

Becoming Elden Lord 

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