After Shocking iPhone 14 Crash Tests That Don't Always Trigger the Feature, Apple Responds

After Shocking iPhone 14 Crash Tests That Don’t Always Trigger the Feature, Apple Responds

The iPhone 14 can detect when a user has been in a car accident and sends an SOS. In some break tests, it didn’t work.

As the latest iPhone 14 lineup was announced last month, these new devices have been outfitted with sensors and technology that can detect when a user has been in a car crash.

According to GSM Arena, the the wall street journal recently tested if they could make the new iPhone trigger the security feature.

An iPhone 14 Pro Max and a Pixel 6 were placed in a stationary unwanted vehicle that was about to be hit. The test consisted of driving a derby vehicle into the parked car and checking which devices were triggering Accident detection.

After crushing vehicles and seeing mixed results from iPhones and Pixels, Apple was asked for comment.

For collision detection to work, it must first detect that the device is inside a moving vehicle. The outlet points out that a algorithm takes several factors into account for the feature to work.


Motion sensors detect sudden changes in movement, microphones can detect loud sounds such as impact from a crash, barometer can detect changes in air pressure when airbags are deployed, GPS readings can detect decelerations sudden changes in a moving vehicle and CarPlay and Bluetooth status may signal better if the device is actually in a vehicle, GSM Arena reported.

Crash detection features in Google and Apple are not able to detect all types of collisions. There’s even a disclaimer right under the collision detection setting on newer iPhones saying just that.

In all cases, however, the devices must first be able to detect that he is in a moving vehicle, involving some or all of the signals mentioned above, according to GSM Arena.

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