Apple's seemingly abandoned 'Magic Charger' appears in new photos

Apple’s seemingly abandoned ‘Magic Charger’ appears in new photos

Apple’s range of MagSafe charging accessories for the iPhone is quite limited: you have the standard MagSafe puck, the MagSafe Duo, the disappointing MagSafe battery, and well… that’s it. But new footage indicates that Apple at some point considered releasing a metal stand with a built-in MagSafe charger.

Photos and related details have been shared by Twitter user @TheBlueMister and next covered by MacRumors. @TheBlueMister is part of a group of collector enthusiasts on Twitter who share details about prototypes and preview Apple devices and accessories. More than one person has gotten their hands on the “Apple Magic Charger” (that’s what it’s identified as when plugged into a Mac), which helps lend some credence to its authenticity.

The product has a thick aluminum base with a circular cutout for the MagSafe puck, which can lay flat or stand upright, like the Apple Watch charger of the MagSafe Duo.

There’s a rubberized layer on the bottom to keep the Magic Charger from shifting around, and a permanently attached USB-C cable is also visible. The latter seems terrible for overall durability and for traveling with the thing, but I guess that’s what the MagSafe Duo is for.

A bigger and more obvious flaw is that the Magic Charger can really only hold an iPhone in landscape orientation; the round MagSafe magnetic puck is too low to fit in the upright position. Nomad makes a MagSafe metal base which looks quite similar and supports 15 watt charging – but without the standing orientation.

I guess Apple realized that the Magic Charger’s landscape-only standing position was too impractical and impractical before this accessory was about to be launched. I’m curious what, if anything, was “magical” about its integration with the iPhone; perhaps Apple was considering unique software experiences like those offered by Google Pixel Stand. Or maybe it was just a fancy name for what probably would have been an expensive charger.

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