Google’s Health Connect app beta is now ready for data-obsessed fitness enthusiasts to try

Allowing you to play data traffic cop

Google and Samsung have worked hard to make Wear OS 3 software worthy enough for people to use on best smartwatches an android user can get. As part of the improvement initiative, one of the main attractions was an all-in-one management center that allowed users to decide what to do with all the fitness and health data they generated. . This hub, better known as Health Connectionis now available for wearers to download and use in beta.


Health Connect allows you, as a consumer, to act as an intermediary between all the ways you generate this data – whether through sensors or information that you have introduced yourself – and the applications and services you use to make sense of and act on them. For smartwatch and fitness equipment makers and alongside app developers, the new API regime simplifies what they need to do to allow users to connect and output their data.

With Health Connect, users can switch between what data is sent to which apps and see when apps are accessing that data. The data is separated into more than 40 types divided into six categories. 13 apps already support Health Connect, including Fitbit, GoogleFit, Peloton, Samsung Health and others. If you have equipment that interfaces with these apps or self-report information about them, you will be able to manage where it goes (if any) with Health Connect.

While this new initiative is touted as a big driver of growth for Wear OS 3, Android owners’ fiscal year benefits overall here. The app can be grabbed from the Play Store right now.

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