Maricopa County Health Department Announces Dengue Fever Case

Maricopa County Health Department Announces Dengue Fever Case

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – The Maricopa County Public Health Department has identified a person with dengue fever, pronounced DEN-GAY, a mosquito-borne illness.

The Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services said it found the virus in a mosquito trap in a county neighborhood. Public health teams will visit neighborhood residents to offer free, voluntary home blood tests and information from environmental services on mosquito bite prevention, breeding, and more. In addition, the MCESD is looking for traps for various infected mosquitoes.

Homes in the specific neighborhood will receive a postcard on their doorstep notifying them of the department’s visit, including dates and how to get more information. Additionally, field teams will be going door-to-door over the next week to offer tests, prevention kits and information. One in four infected people will experience mild flu-like symptoms and one in 20 people, especially those who have already been exposed, will become seriously ill.

“While previous dengue cases in Maricopa County have been linked to travel to countries where dengue is common, it is important to understand if other people may have been exposed or if it is an isolated incident.” said Dr. Nick Staab, a medical epidemiologist. “When we review the results of these tests and mosquito tests across the county, we can determine if there is a risk to others and what public health, environmental services and other partners can do to prevent. disease.”

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