Samsung's Pixel Fold screens will have less in common with the Z Fold 4

Samsung’s Pixel Fold screens will have less in common with the Z Fold 4

Last update: November 15, 2022 at 15:45 UTC+01:00

If you missed the first Google Pixel Fold Leak from yesterday, you might want to check it out. Google’s first foldable phone has been unveiled in a handful of official leaked renders, and a few specs, as well as pricing and availability details, have also emerged. Samsung screen will play a role in making the Pixel Fold, but the panels Google will acquire from the Korean tech giant won’t have everything in common with the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s screens.

You might think that because Samsung Display is Google’s supplier for the cover and the foldable screen, the Pixel Fold will have a lot in common with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, yesterday’s renders showed that the Pixel Fold may have a wider/squarer aspect ratio than Samsung’s book-shaped foldable phone. And now more details regarding their size have appeared. Again, these details seemingly confirm the differences between the Pixel Fold and the Galaxy Z Fold. (Going through @DSCCRoss)

Google Pixel Fold will have smaller screens than the Z Fold 4

If those details are correct, Google’s first foldable phone will feature a 7.57-inch foldable display and a 5.78-inch cover display. On the other hand, the panels borrowed by the Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung Display measure 7.6 and 6.2 inches respectively.

The Pixel Fold may have a squarer form factor, and more importantly, it appears to have much thicker bezels – at least around the foldable display – than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. That might explain why the first leak claims that Google’s first foldable device is very heavy. It might not have as large a cover screen as the Z Fold 4, but it might be bulkier. Of course, the alleged weight of the Pixel Fold may depend on the choice of materials, hinge, camera bump and other design factors.

Either way, the release of the Pixel Fold should be good news for Samsung Display’s bottom line next year. And with the Galaxy Z Fold series perhaps getting a real contender – for a similar premium price – Samsung may have to make significant upgrades in the next Galaxy Z Fold 5. Either way, Google’s involvement in foldable phones should also lead to an Android experience better optimized for this emerging form factor. 2023 could really be the year of foldable devices.

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