Tesla CarPlay concept inspired by Apple's next design

Tesla CarPlay concept inspired by Apple’s next design

after sharing a sharp concept last year imagining what the future of CarPlay in a Tesla might look like Model 3/Yes, designer John Calkins is back with another vision, this time a “modular and customizable layout”. Take a closer look at this Tesla CarPlay user interface that includes elements of the next generation of CarPlay that Apple has teased.

Ever since John shared his previous “Cars” ConceptApple actually preview the “new generation” of CarPlay at WWDC 2022. While broadly vague, the company shared some renders of what it might look like when the first vehicles to use it are announced in late 2023, along with details that CarPlay is more customized for vehicles.

Apple also shared that the future of CarPlay will allow users to “customize their driving experience by choosing different gauge cluster designs, and with added support for widgets, users will have insight into weather information and music directly to the dashboard of their car”.

Apple’s first look at the next generation of CarPlay

In the spirit of a modular and customizable CarPlay experience, John shared a new concept of what it might look like in a Tesla Model 3/Y (although the reality of it this is unlikely to happen).

Here are some of John’s renders Post from Behance titled “CarPlay is coming”.

The app sidebar on the left remains from John’s previous concept, but the new UI includes content from Apple’s WWDC CarPlay presentation, like the trip meter, HomeKit tile, calendar, and more. Here are four different configurations with the modular design.

The upper left corner displays the current driving speed (or P/R) with the battery status next to it. The climate controls are in the lower left corner.

The concept includes an image of what it would look like to bring Tesla-specific UI elements like the charging screen:

Tesla CarPlay 2 concept

Something not seen in the concept is what it would look like to include Tesla’s live camera and ultrasonic sensor visualizations with the CarPlay UI.

But here’s a closer look – with Ted Lasso and company – of what Apple’s apps might look like on a 15-inch Tesla 3/Y center display.

Discover John’s full concept here and you can see more of his work on his site.

And if you’re curious about how to try CarPlay in your Tesla, there are a few options, including a browser workaround and third-party add-on displays.

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