Texting each other on WhatsApp is now a thing

The option is being rolled out, no more workarounds needed

Texting yourself on a messaging platform is arguably one of the handiest ways to jot down ideas before you forget them or save web URLs you want to revisit. Platforms like Slack have a dedicated space to send you messages and Telegram allows you save messages for later, but now WhatsApp seems to have caught up, finally. The Meta-owned platform now offers a convenient way to send you messages.


At the end of October we saw WhatsApp selective beta testing a way to start a new conversation with yourself on the app. WABetaInfo now reports that the feature is rolling out widely to iOS with app version 22.23.74. We also see it on many of our Android devices after updating WhatsApp to version

It might not seem very useful at first, but messaging yourself could also be a great way to transfer small files between multiple smartphones wirelessly, now that WhatsApp is testing the companion mode beta on Android. Things get even easier if you add a shortcut to chat with yourself on your home screen.

You can simply tap the floating action button (FAB) for a new WhatsApp message in the lower right corner. The new option to message you should be pinned to the top of your contact list. Reassuringly, WhatsApp says this conversation with yourself is also end-to-end encrypted.

However, the feature seems to be coming to devices gradually. Thus, it may take a few days to appear on your devices. Until then, you can always create a group with someone else, delete them, and use that space to chat with yourself. Maybe you could still use this option to have of them separate conversations with yourself, for whatever reason.

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