This New Souls-like is distinguished by its unusually sunny and pleasant world

This New Souls-like is distinguished by its unusually sunny and pleasant world

Enotria: The Last Song isn’t the first game to draw inspiration from Souls-likes, the genre forged from the fires of From Software’s Dark Souls and Bloodborne games, but it could very well be the sunniest and most warm to this day.

Developer and publisher Jyamma Games is still aiming for that particular flavor of combat, timing, and player agency in a world made almost entirely of hope, but with a few changes that just might shake up the Souls-like genre.

Enotria: The Last Song takes place in a sad and broken world, but you might not know it at first glance with the sunny landscapes and lush green grass more appealing than scary.

This action-RPG carries almost a stirring sense of wonder, like B-roll footage from Xbox 360’s Fable trilogy, but Enotria’s Italian summers carry much more beneath the surface than sun damage.

Jyamma Games is working on a feeling and aesthetic that will transport players to the Italian countryside while keeping the terror and despair firmly at the center of it all.

This “Summer-Soul” track brings the colors of Italian summers to the surface, but the curse of the game is alive and well. The “curse of the Canovaccio” blooms even more than a sea breeze. Like Dark Souls, the hope of what is possible, if only a few can muster the courage to see it, is minutely present.

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The inhabitants of Entoria: The Last Song largely serve the curse and those who created it, and those who remain have been trained to play for the Play, a mysterious allure held by the game’s antagonists. strong and brave will find help from certain allies, but most of the world awaits rescue in Enotria: The Last Song.

Only a small number of gameplay details have been revealed so far. Enotria: The Last Song will feature exploration that players can tackle in a variety of environments. It’s too early to tell if this will be the next Souls-like staple, but the sunny, sleepy world looks intriguing.

A notable gameplay twist is the state change of Enotria players. Ardmore will allow players to access different states inside and outside of combat. Switching between them will dynamically change the world and affect enemy behaviors, giving players more ways to approach and explore Enotria’s combat scenarios and puzzles.

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Like most Souls-like games, the player character is an oddity just outside of things. In Enotria, the player is born outside of the Canovaccio, which positions them with unique tools and perspective in their quest to purge the world of this endless curse.

Enotria: The Last Song doesn’t yet have a release date or platforms, but it stands out thanks to the team made up of Witcher III veterans and featuring something not often seen in games: Italian folklore, legends and locations .

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