This year's ugly Microsoft sweater has a suggestion for you: It's Clippy

This year’s ugly Microsoft sweater has a suggestion for you: It’s Clippy

Enlarge / Microsoft’s new ugly sweater is Clippy and Office themed.


I’m not always a fan of corporate whimsy — like when brands’ Twitter accounts have “attitude” or when companies cook April Fool’s-worthy pranks — but I do appreciate Microsoft’s now-annual tradition. to post ugly sweaters with retro Windows patterns printed on them. Two years ago, the models were MS Paint and Windows logo. Last year’s model paid homage to Windows 3.1 era Minesweeper. And this year brings back an old enemy: clippy.

Although its days as the ubiquitous Microsoft Office mascot ended with the release of Office 2007, Clippy found a second life. like the Windows 11 version of the paperclip emoji. Clippy was unfortunately not open source with the rest of Microsoft’s emoji designs over the summer, due to his copyrighted character status.

Clippy is the hero of the new sweaters, but there are also other small Office and Windows-themed touches: an old-school Windows logo on the back, the Office ruler on top, a few shaping on the sleeves and falling stacks of paper everywhere.

The Clippy sweater is available in sizes small to 3XL and costs $75 no matter what size you get. It’s a little pricey, but unlike a lot of ugly sweaters, this one from Clippy Is appear to be a real knit sweater and not a sweatshirt with a design printed on it. As part of its promotional efforts around the sweaterMicrosoft also says it will donate $100,000 to the Academic Success Foundation.

It’s unclear if we can expect jerseys honoring the many other designs of Microsoft Office Assistantlike the red dot or the Einstein-like guy or the little robot. VagabondMicrosoft Bob’s yellow dog and Windows XP’s search dialog, is also MIA.

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