As governor happily announces no covid deaths, officials urge caution over three circulating viruses

As governor happily announces no covid deaths, officials urge caution over three circulating viruses

Governor Jim Justice was pleased to announce today that he has no covid-19 related deaths to report.

“Really, really, really wonderful news here,” Justice said during a briefing today. “We don’t have any additional deaths to report. I don’t know how it gets any better than that. We know it’s not going to go away, but really from my perspective it’s a great thing to have a situation at least for a day where we don’t have to read very, very bad news for a family or a group of loved ones.

Daily reports of covid-19 deaths have often fluctuated based on the reporting process from local authorities to the state, rather than the actual date of death.

But the break in bad news is welcome.

During the pandemic, West Virginia has reported 7,557 deaths from covid-19.

Still, state officials are warning people to watch out for covid-19, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus, commonly called RSV.

“I remind you again and again to do your booster shots. It’s really important, especially if you’re 50 and over,” Justice said. “Absolutely, you should also get your flu shot. Flu season is gonna take a bunch of lives and everything. From what I understand it’s a pretty tough thing and going through the states at a pretty fast pace.

clay swamp

Clay Marsh, West Virginia’s coronavirus response manager, agreed that people should exercise caution when all three viruses are circulating.

“There is increasingly clear evidence that we are going to see a rather severe flu season. We’re starting to see some of that now,” Marsh said during today’s briefing.

“It combines with the current challenge we have with respiratory syncytial virus. And then we now see a new form of covid becoming the most dominant form in the country. »

The variants known as BQ1 and BQ1.1 are genetic descendants of the omicron “and they have the special power to be able to evade the immune system even better,” Marsh said.

Some of the unique symptoms of these strains include heavy sneezing, he said. “It’s something we’ve really never seen before, but sneezing can be a trigger to tell you you have covid,” he said. “We really want to encourage people to be aggressive in testing themselves at home.”

Marsh said current covid booster shots boost the immune system’s defenses against the covid series of viruses.

“That’s why it’s important that people who haven’t yet received their new omicron booster, who are eligible, please do so,” Marsh said.

“We can’t stress enough that now is a really important time for people to get their flu shot and their new omicron booster if they’re eligible, so we’re still not reading names at the start of these press releases. ”

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