Overwatch 2 Kiriko Players Discover Exploit To Block Headshots

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Players Discover Exploit To Block Headshots

An image of Overwatch 2's support hero Kiriko throwing her kunai at the camera.

That left arm? Yes, it is indestructible.
Screenshot: Snow storm

Monitor 2 continues to suffer problem after problem, with the last problem leaving icy damage dealer Mei totally unplayable due to a “critical issue” with his Ice Wall ability. Well, Blizzard might also want to investigate the hero shooter’s new support character, Kiriko, because it looks like she can block bullet damage just by [checks notes] looking at the sky.

Kiriko is a kunai-wielding ninja healer who leak at the beginning of September. Previously locked behind Monitor 2battle pass, Blizzard has since chose to give away the kunoichi for free following rather thunderous reviews of the developer’s initial decision. Although she’s a pretty squishy hero, with only 200 health, she can deal solid damage and has a perfectly suited kit to buff her teammates. In other words, she’s not as passive a healer as, say, Baptiste or Mercy, but you probably don’t want her charging into the enemy frontline like Brigitte or Zenyatta either. However, that could change given an exploit discovered by streamer Twitch Flats.

A partner of the Surveillance Florida Mayhem, League Flats tweeted a video Nov. 15 of Kiriko blocking bullet damage to the head with her arm while staring at the sun. Flats fired multiple times at an opposing Kiriko with Widowmaker, only for the bullets to simply grazed the ninja’s seemingly indestructible arm, allowing him to heal immediately. Flats finally obscured Kiriko with a single headshot, but only after positioning himself at just the right angle, saying you “have to get behind” Kiriko to “shoot the back of his head”. Who knew looking at the sky could save you from death?

What seems to be happening here is that when she looks up, Kiriko’s arm gets in the way of her dome’s hitbox, impacting the damage she takes from headshots. In response to Flat’s tweet, one Twitter user noted that Mercy was able to do the same, but only when casting her ultimate ability Resurrect, which sees her raise her arm in the air to revive a dead teammate.

Kotaku has reached out to Blizzard and Flats for comment.

Blizzard, which has a long history of abuse and harassmentworked to get Monitor 2 in a more stable and balanced state since the game launched on October 4. This includes fixes for nerf heroes such as Genji and bench characters to remove feats and solve other problems (as we saw with Mei, who should go back to hero shooter November 17). During the Surveillance The league’s grand final, held earlier this month, the studio revealed the new hero tank Ramattra, which will be locked behind the game’s battle pass. It sucks, but I guess we better get used to it.

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