Sony patent for NFT and Blockchain technology unveiled

Sony patent for NFT and Blockchain technology unveiled

Sony has released a patent suggesting the company is investigating blockchain and NFT technology to track in-game assets in video games.

The patentreported by Eurogamer, is called Tracking Unique Digital Assets In-Game Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger, and the included diagram shows the mechanisms for tracking changes in digital asset ownership, visual appearance, or metadata. The patent says digital assets could range from game moments to in-game items or characters.

Sony’s patent describes technology that could track the history of an in-game item as it passes from player to player, which is one of the core ideas behind NFTs. In the patent, Sony said “there is no way to differentiate a specific instance of an element of the game that a famous video game player used to win a famous tournament from any other instance of the game. part of the game”.

The patent description also states that people find it “meaningful” to own or use unique items related to celebrities or respected activities.

It is worth pointing out PlayStation filed this patent in July 2021, before biggest controversy around NFTs came to the fore.

PlayStation already dipped its toe into the world of NFTs at EVO 2022. In a player survey, PlayStation asked fans what types of NFTs they would be interested in buying. Possible answers listed included Evo-based NFTs, music artists, esports, PlayStation items, and favorite gaming characters.

Sony’s new PlayStation Stars rewards program offers a form of digital collectibles, but the company said rewards are “definitely not NFTs” because “you can’t trade or sell them”.

NFT speculation has been a big part of the video game news cycle in 2022 beyond PlayStation. GameStop introduces a crypto/NFT wallet and EA continues to evaluate the technology. Several studios have spoken out against NFTs, with many developers signing an anti-NFT pledge and Minecraft avoids implementing NFTs or blockchain technology.

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