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Organicell begins recruiting long COVID trial

Clinical Trials Update

MIAMI, FL/ACCESSWIRE/November 17, 2022/ Organicell Regenerative Medicine, Inc. (OTCQB: OCEL), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative biological therapies and regenerative medicine, is pleased to announce that the long-running COVID clinical trial is officially active with enrollment.

“This announcement is a mandatory update as there has been a change in the status of our clinical trials, they are now active and enrolled with patients…but I want this news to be a call to action!” said Matt Sinnreich, interim CEO of Organicell.

He continued “Our team has been working with the FDA and its Institutional Review Board for six months on enrollment criteria to make these long COVID trials eligible. We have activated new clinical trial sites in Miami and Los Angeles. to reach a wider population of potential patients to help trials enroll quickly. Our clinical trial sites are now active, screening and recruiting patients!”

Organicell treated 18 people for COVID with Zofin under the guidance of the FDA’s Emergency Investigational New Drug (eIND) program. The company has also treated 10 patients in an FDA-approved IND Expanded Access Trial in moderate COVID, and 8 patients in an FDA-approved IND in moderate-to-severe COVID.

Sinnreich added “Organicell has published the results of patients treated with Zofin and the data is compelling. Our scientists observed the reduction in inflammation in key biomarkers (IL-6 and CRP) and the structural difference in the lungs after 30 days. The purpose of these lengthy COVID clinical trials is to prove that Zofin is the reason for these improvements.”

Zofin is a naturally occurring, cell-free, exosome-based therapeutic agent that we believe has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Organicell’s science team has worked with the CDC and accredited universities to further demonstrate the science to obtain Zofin in the hands of the masses.

Bloomberg, Reuters and even Nature.com have all shone the spotlight on the hundreds of millions and more of people affected by the long COVID. There is currently no solution to long COVID.

Bloomberg said in a November 1st article on long COVID that “at least 140 million people worldwide are suffering from long COVID and Harvard University economist David Cutler puts the total cost of long Covid in the United States at 3.7 trillion dollars. That equates to more than 80% of government spending on the pandemic through the end of July. And scientists still don’t know what causes it, how many people it affects, or how to prevent and treat it.

Sinnreich concluded: “Organicell has set up the trials, but the company needs government support in the same way it helped accelerate development of the COVID vaccine. Organicell does not have the resources to spend million in lobbying, but that does not mean that the Society should be excluded from government programs.

Now that the midterm elections are over, it’s time to demand that our politicians do something to help us! This virus is not going away. Our goal is to get the attention of the right people in government to help a small business prove the effectiveness of their American-made treatment. With FDA approval, Zofin could have the potential to help so many people around the world.”

About Organicell Regenerative Medicines, Inc.

Organicell Regenerative Medicine, Inc. (OTCQB: OCEL) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company primarily focused on the development of innovative biological therapies for the treatment of degenerative diseases and the provision of other related services. The Company’s proprietary products are derived from perinatal sources and manufactured to retain naturally occurring exosomes, hyaluronic acid and proteins without the addition or combination of any other substance or diluent. To learn more, please visit https://organicell.com/.

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