Pixel 7 Pro review: after 1 month of use, it still delights as much

Pixel 7 Pro review: after 1 month of use, it still delights as much

When Google Pixel 7 Pro was first released, I was impressed with the cameras, refreshed design and smooth overall performance. I’ve now spent a month using this phone frequently, and much of what I initially thought is still true, but some things stand out. I’ll start with the good stuff.

I liked the design right away, and it stuck with me even more over time. It’s very similar to the Pixel 6 Pro, but changed just enough to look fresh. It’s comfortable to hold, and the hazelnut/gold color of my review model has a particularly elegant edge to it.

I still don’t like the sharp edge where the metal strip meets the screen, and I really found it noticeable when I had the phone – and my hand – in my pocket. It’s no more a deal-breaker now than when I first reviewed it, but it’s a disappointing little thing that could have easily been fixed before launch. That said, if you have your phone in a case, you won’t notice it anyway.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

I’ve taken a wide variety of photos in all conditions over the past month, pitting it against its main rivals, including iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra. For the most part it performs exceptionally well, delivering superb color and detail, and while its hybrid zooms don’t reach the 10x zoom levels of the S22 Ultra, I found the 7 Pro’s 5x optical zoom more usable on a day-to-day basis; it’s the phone I want in my pocket more often. CNET editor Stephen Shankland even found it to give his pro DSLR a run for its money.

Image showing a road and trees in fall foliage.

The Pixel 7 Pro’s camera can take beautiful images with perfect exposure and stunning colors.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

Image showing a view of Edinburgh

Its 5x zoom lens is very sharp and offers a great way to find interesting compositions in your surroundings.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

The night, it is not as efficient as its competitorswith the iPhone and S22 Ultra both delivering brighter, clearer images – although the long exposure mode adds a bit more pizzazz to your nighttime city shots.

In general use, I found the Pixel 7 Pro to be a joy to use. It has more than enough power to make day-to-day tasks easier, and it coped with image editing and gaming without any issues. The sleek character of its Android 13 interface makes it particularly pleasant as a daily driver smartphone.

The battery was something I called out in my review. It’s not that its battery life is poor – it’s not – it’s just not as good as it could be. And I notice that in more demanding tasks like gaming or video streaming, it sinks a bit more than I expected. Still, it’s easy to get a day’s use out of it, so battery life is definitely not an issue here.

Images showing the Pixel 7 Pro phone against a white and pink background

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

Overall, I still think Google did a great job with the Pixel 7 Pro, and it’s a superb option to consider if you’re looking for a really sleek high-end Android experience, especially since it’s slightly more affordable than some rivals.

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Pixel 7 Pro review: Google’s best phone just got better


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