Qualcomm has a new chip brand

Qualcomm has a new chip brand

Qualcomm has announced a new sub-brand of processors for its Snapdragon family of products, called Oryon. The new processor will be released in 2023 and will be made available to manufacturers for use in devices such as Windows PCs, smartphones and other applications. The company announced the new processor at its Snapdragon Summit on Wednesday, but provided few details on what it entails.

The company has been making Snapdragon-branded chips for Windows and Chrome OS computers for a few years now, but has had slow traction getting them into many Windows devices. The few ultraportables that used Qualcomm’s Arm chips are high-end, niche devices that appeal to a specific subset of PC buyers, but not the broader market.

The Oryon processor will be the CPU component of the larger Snapdragon system-on-chip design, which includes GPUs and other processors on the same die.
Picture: Qualcomm

The Snapdragon line was behind Apple’s Arm-based M processors in raw performance, but wasn’t the main reason Windows on Arm devices didn’t take off. Rather, the issues stem from Windows on Arm itself, which struggles to run apps designed for traditional Windows PCs and doesn’t offer many apps optimized specifically for the platform. Microsoft’s recent Surface Pro 9 is available with a Qualcomm Arm processor, but as we seen in our reviewhe is far behind Intel-equipped version due to these application issues.

Qualcomm’s next generation of chips for Windows computers will likely perform better than its current crop – in the brief press release touting the new brand, it claims to deliver “a new level of performance”. But unless the platform matures further and gains wider support from the app ecosystem, it’s unlikely to move the needle much.

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