B vitamins show positive action against Covid-19

B vitamins show positive action against Covid-19

B vitamins are important mediators of immune function and a deficiency can increase susceptibility to infections. The severity of Covid-19 depends on the robustness of individual immune systems and it has therefore been hypothesized that an adequate intake of vitamin B could reduce the risk of the virus.

This theory is supported by a previous study which found B6 deficiency in 42.5% of Covid-19 patients and another which observed curative effects of cobalamin (B12).

“Nutrition and dietary components as modifiable factors can play a bilateral role in strengthening or weakening the immune system. Diet is also proposed as a factor potentially responsible for differences in COVID-19 death rates between and within countries,”​say the authors of the current study, published in ‘The British Journal of Nutrition’​.

“B vitamins are not synthesized in the human body. Thus, they should be consumed regularly in the diet. Many bodily functions, including energy production, methylation, synthesis, DNA repair, and enzyme functions, are dependent on the functions of B vitamins.”

Evaluation protocol

To analyze the association between B vitamins and Covid-19, the researchers recruited 9,189 adults aged 20 to 69, 48.5% of whom were men. Dietary information was extracted from the TAMIZ study on changing consumer dietary habits and the incidence of chronic diseases and associated risk factors from the YAHS study.

The incidence of Covid-19 was determined by PCR tests and serological tests were used to estimate immunoglobulin M (IgM) and immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies in symptomatic or asymptomatic Covid subjects.

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