Disgruntled PS Plus Premium members can't downgrade to get the Black Friday discount

Disgruntled PS Plus Premium members can’t downgrade to get the Black Friday discount

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PS Plus Premium a, if we’re being totally honest, turned out to be a huge disappointment. Sony’s top-tier subscription promised cloud streaming and classic games, and while it’s ultimately delivered on those wishes, the lack of significant additions of late – with the seriously flawed logic of the service – left fans wanting to downgrade.

The positive is that PS Plus Extra proves to be excellent value for money, especially considering 25% off this month on Black Friday. Many fans were hoping they could downgrade to mid-tier and then extend their subscription at a lower price. Unfortunately, after some research, we learned that this was impossible.

You can let Sony know you want to change your plan at any time, but you can only stack subscriptions to your active subscription. This ultimately means that if you’re currently subscribed to PS Plus Premium until, say, December 31, you’ll only be able to take advantage of the aforementioned Black Friday discount for the top tier – even if you’ve told Sony you want to downgrade. at the end of your existing plan.

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