I drank 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes - and my pancreas ate itself

I drank 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes – and my pancreas ate itself

A lone gamer has narrowly escaped death after allegedly knocking down a dozen cans of energy drinks in 10 minutes in a “legendary” stunt to wow his colleagues.

“A man drank 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes. This is what happened to his organs,” Dr. Bernard Hsu told viewers in the first moments of a YouTube video this recently resurfaced.

Hsu, a clinical pharmacist whose Chubbyemu YouTube Channel has over 2.6 million subscribers, often uploads humorous re-enactment videos of strange emergency room stories he has witnessed or heard about.

In this case, Hsu explains that the patient in question, “JS”, was admitted to the emergency room with “severe abdominal pain”. In the video re-enactment, JS is depicted as a chubby 36-year-old man in glasses who is obsessed with Pokemon, video games and things he couldn’t have as a kid. He struggled socially throughout his life.

In the YouTube video, an actor plays “JS,” a 36-year-old man admitted to the emergency room with “severe abdominal pain.” He allegedly slammed 12 energy drinks in what was described as a “legendary” stunt.
YouTube / Chubbyemu

Hsu describes the ordeal in mortifying detail, telling viewers that after drinking the energy drinks, JS develops heart palpitations and back pain. He decides to have a drink of alcohol and ends up throwing up in a kitchen sink.

“Immediately after drinking all 12 energy drinks, JS felt unwell,” Hsu said.

He added: “To take his mind off things, he started playing games.”

The player, who was then unable to eat or drink anything, reportedly delayed seeking medical attention for several hours, which Hsu says eventually led to the appearance of acute pancreatitis.

At the hospital, doctors made a shocking discovery: JS’s pancreas had begun to ‘digest itself’ as his body struggled to keep up with the pound of sugar and caffeine loads from the 12 cans. His pancreas was swollen with fluid, Hsu said.

The fluid buildup became infected, according to Hsu, and his liver and kidneys began to shut down. Doctors are treating the unnamed player, who allegedly vomited on a nurse’s shoes, with intravenous fluids and antibiotics before releasing him, Hsu said.

The incident, Hsu said, was a “red flag” for the man. His blood tests showed he had prediabetes – a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes.

“Most people know that energy drinks can be dangerous when consumed in excess,” Hsu told viewers. “If you have one once in a while and you’re young and healthy, it’s probably not a big deal. But if you start drinking multiple cans back to back, then bad things are likely to happen. »

The YouTube video has racked up over 6.5 million views since it was posted in September 2021.

“The main thing I learned from the Chubbyemu videos is that as soon as you are hospitalized, for any reason, no matter how ashamed you might be, ALWAYS tell the doctors everything that happened,” wrote one user in the comments section of the video.

Health experts have long sounded on the danger sugary caffeinated drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, Five-hour Energy and Rockstar pose, especially as energy drink challenges proliferated on TikTok and other social media platforms.

In 2021, OnlyFans model Briatney Portillo suffered a heart attack after recording herself undertaking TikTok “dry pick up” challenge, in which users were prompted to ingest a handful of additional energy powder without water.

“I never thought something like this would ever happen to me,” Portillo, then 20, told The Post. “Especially because I’m so young.”

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