Nvidia was sued over RTX 4090 crashes

Nvidia was sued over RTX 4090 crashes

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Nvidia over a component in its RTX 4090 cards that melted for some owners.

The part in question is believed to be the 12VVHPWR power adapters, which Nvidia says it is still investigating the issue, nearly a month after the first cases of melting power adapters were reported by owners.

The lawsuit was filed Nov. 11 by Lucas Genova in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. It was filed under “other fraud”, which is defined as “an action primarily based on fraud relating to personal property that cannot be classified under any other nature of prosecution” by the US Courts Administrative Office.

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At the time of writing, summonses have been issued to Nvidia. Publicly available information about the trial and updates to its proceedings can be found at Justiaan online database of legal cases.

The lawsuit says Genova purchased an RTX 4090, which quickly stopped working when the power adapter melted when installed.

“If Mr. Genova had known about the problem before buying the card,” he says, “he wouldn’t have made the purchase.” The lawsuit then accuses Nvidia of marketing and selling a “defective and dangerous” product, hitting Genova and the band members with an “expensive double whammy: a high purchase price (suggested retail price of $1,599) for a dangerous product which should not have been sold in its current state”.

The full trial can be found at ClassAction.org. For any owner of an RTX 4090, this Reddit post has a long thread that is kept up to date with all the information from the Nvidia community.

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