Tim Cook Responds to Teen Who Used Apple Watch to Call for Help After Falling 130ft

Tim Cook Responds to Teen Who Used Apple Watch to Call for Help After Falling 130ft

The Apple Watch is credited with helping Smit Metha, 17, in India, call for help after falling more than 130 feet. The fall saw Metha break both ankles, but using the Apple Watch’s cellular connectivity he was able to call friends and family to send for help, averting something worse. not happen.

Metha was hiking with two of his friends on a rainy day when he apparently decided to separate himself from the group for a while. Due to the rainy conditions, however, he slipped in the rain and fell about 130 feet from the path into the valley, according to the India time.

After the fall, Metha realized he didn’t have his iPhone 13 with him, as it was in his friend’s backpack. He quickly noticed that his Apple Watch Series 7 had nevertheless survived the fall and was connected to the cellular network. Using his Apple Watch, Metha was able to make a call to family and friends, and emergency services arrived two hours later.

“I was 99kg at the time of the fall and was over 6ft tall, so it wasn’t easy at all,” Metha said in an interview with the India time. According to the report, it was actually the seventh accident on that same trail that day due to the rainy conditions.

“I had to go through a long period of rehabilitation because I couldn’t shift the weight on my legs and was in a wheelchair for a while,” Metha said. However, inspired by his experience with the Apple Watch, he decided to contact Apple CEO Tim Cook directly.

He recounted his experience in the email: “My Apple Watch came to my rescue because I was able to make those important phone calls.” Shortly after, Metha received a response from Cook:


I’m so glad you’re on the road to recovery. It looks like a terrible accident. Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

I wish you a full and speedy recovery.


It’s yet another example of how useful the Apple Watch is, even one of the more mundane features like cellular connectivity. Find more Apple Watch stories in our full story Apple Health Guide.

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