Deep holiday discounts bring high-end Galaxy S21 phones back into budget territory

Deep holiday discounts bring high-end Galaxy S21 phones back into budget territory

If you want to save big this holiday season, Samsung has a massive deal on the Galaxy S21 range.
Although these phones were released in 2021, they are a better option than the latest flagships if you want to save money without compromising on performance, camera and battery life. Though there is differences between S21 and S22they are unlikely to have a significant impact on the experience.
The Galaxy S21 series is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, which is still a superb chip for most day-to-day tasks.
The Galaxy S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra are very similar: they both have 6.8-inch screens, 5,000 mAh batteries and practically the same camera array with a 108 MP main sensor. Sure, the S22 Ultra is the best phone if you have the money and also has a slot for the S Pen, but those looking for some serious savings should definitely consider the S21 Ultra as it’s on sale on Samsung.

The S22 Ultra costs $1,200, while the S21 Ultra, which starts with more RAM, costs $850 instead of the current $950. If you want to buy it even cheaper, you can trade in an old phone for a final price of $625.

Granted, it’s not uncommon to find the Galaxy S22 series on sale these days, but even after discounts, you’ll end up spending more on Samsung’s 2022 phones.

Let’s move on to the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus, which have larger screens and batteries than their successors, are also for sale. The Galaxy S21 Plus can be yours for $705 after an instant $100 discount, and to save an additional $225 you can give your old phone to Samsung.

Likewise, the standard Galaxy S21 is down from $625 to $525, and you can get it for just $300 with a qualifying trade-in.

Since Samsung stopped making Galaxy S21 phones, these are actually refurbished handsets, but they are like new and have been fitted with new batteries. They come with Samsung’s one-year warranty.

If your goal this year is to shop smart, it’s not the best idea to let yourself be swayed shiny new phones which by company standards will be old in a few months, especially if you’re upgrading from an older phone. Instead, you should get something that meets your needs and is easy to carry around, like the Galaxy S21 lineup, which offers beautiful displays, great cameras, and reliable performance. They will continue to receive updates until at least 2025, which is another plus.

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