Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Team Builder are now available

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Team Builder are now available

One of the most important facets of Pokemon is teamwork. In order to go far in the league and in history in general, players must build a balanced team. Luckily, the sites have built in-depth teambuilders for almost every Pokemon game. Scarlet and Violet are no different. This piece will go over the details of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Team Builder.

Github’s Pokemon Team Builder is the definitive best

For those looking for the greatest team builder of all time, go here. Richi3f’s team builder on Github has a team builder for every Pokemon game ranging from Gen 1 to Gen 9. Players simply scroll to the Scarlet and Violet builder and click on it.

How the creator works

Once players are on the builder, all they need to do is choose six Pokemon from the menu. This can be done in multiple ways.

At the bottom of the image, players can filter their searches by choosing certain types, generations, colors, and many other options. By clicking on the “Team Analysis” button, players can also view statistics on the strength of the team. Coverage, weaknesses and resistances, this maker will help players build the best team for them, in terms of competitive play.

Tips from Seasoned Team Builders

  1. Choose a Pokémon to build a team around. For strong teams, players will not be able to use all of their favorites. Players will need to pick a Pokemon and then choose limbs that can cover that Pokemon’s weaknesses. In terms, the following teammates will cover this Pokémon’s weaknesses. It’s a support chain.
  2. While an ideal composition might be to have no repeating types on one’s team, players can have at least two of the same type on the team. Abilities can be used to cover these weaknesses. For example, having an aquatic Pokémon paired with Quagsire will help neutralize an electrical weakness. Just make sure the number of weaknesses in a type doesn’t reach 3 or more.


Players are encouraged to use this behemoth of a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teambuilder. Although it may seem overwhelming, playing around with the builder will make it easier for you. Please note that this will spoil the dex for players who have not completed the game. So people be warned. If it’s something everyone can make peace with, enjoy it.

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