Auto-rotate, wake-on-press and other features stop working on Pixel 6, Pixel 7

Auto-rotate, wake-on-press and other features stop working on Pixel 6, Pixel 7

The latest bug to infect the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 lines is one that prevents these models from automatically rotating from portrait to landscape orientation. This seems to be the case on YouTube. Yours truly experienced this on my Pixel 6 Pro lately. Instead of automatically rotating to landscape, users are forced to tap the small box at the bottom right of the screen in portrait mode to manually move the video to landscape orientation.

Pixel users find auto-rotate not working with YouTube app

Pixel users on Reddit were also discussing the bug. A user named BennyBoy218 writes, “Seems to be the case when I mostly use YouTube, but auto-rotate doesn’t work. I have to manually turn it on, which is frustrating.” Some users have found that when swiping from the bottom of a YouTube video in portrait mode, the image automatically switches to landscape mode. As one Redditor put it, “pushing up on the video enters full screen, which I find easier than the small square.”

Some claim that this problem is not limited to the Pixel brand. A Reddit follower using the name “adamcordo” (which may well be his real name) says the same issue appeared on his Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. As a result, he suggests that the issue might be related to the YouTube app instead of an Android bug.

And given the number of upvotes on Reddit that my comment that this is also happening to the Pixel 6 Pro received, I guess auto-rotate failure while watching YouTube on the Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 is pretty widespread.

Another issue, which this writer ran into late last week, removed one of Pixel’s best features. Let’s say an alarm or timer goes off. Just say “stop” and it will deactivate the alarm. On a personal note, I love this feature because it allows me to stop the timer or alarm even if I’m not right next to my phone to press the “stop” button on the screen (and just to be clear, it’s not about being lazy. I’m crippled, suffer from chronic pain and use a cane).

But after sending feedback to Google directly from my phone, it seems that the problem is solved. So yeah, thanks guys!

Another issue a Pixel 7 user wrote about seems reminiscent of the Pixel 6. A Reddit user with the handle of “shoelover46” says his phone’s modem won’t start after driving through an area with no cellular service (like a underground car park) until he plays with Airplane mode.

Tap-to-wake and the Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner both have issues

And while we’re voicing complaints about the Pixels, we have to point out that some of us are having inconsistent results with the tap-to-wake feature. There are times when it works extremely well, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. A Redditor using the name “AlaskanSnowDragon” writes, “I would say for me (it) works 85-90% of the time. But it doesn’t work/record enough to be noticeable and annoying.”

Finally, an old one. It seems that the fingerprint sensor has regressed a bit on the Pixel 6 Pro. There has been talk of Google turning to Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for the Pixel 8 lineup next year. As for the rumored Pixel Fold, renders we recently showed you from FPT has revealed that the biometric reader will be integrated into the side power button.

The next update to the Pixel line will be the quarterly Pixel feature drop expected on December 5th. Hopefully some of these bugs will be exterminated with this update. Additionally, those of you participating in the Android 13 QPR1 beta program will be able to exit and opt out of the beta program once you install the stable release of the December quarterly feature.

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