God of War Ragnarök Music Intern Uncredited for His Work on the Game

God of War Ragnarök Music Intern Uncredited for His Work on the Game

A former Sony Santa Monica intern said their work on God of War Ragnarök was uncredited.

Sharing her story on Twitter, composer Jessica Mao said she “worked on editing/arranging/implementing Freya’s chase scene” as well as “Thor’s boss fight music “.

However, despite his contribution, Mao said that his name was not included in the end credits of the game because his contribution to Ragnarök did not meet the “minimum criteria” required (although Mao is unsure of this). that “this criterion could be”).

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“Unfortunately my name is not in the credits, and apparently it cannot be added in a patch update,” Mao wrote (thanks, Push Square). “I was told that in order to be credited, my contribution to the game had to meet certain ‘minimum criteria’…it was incredibly disappointing and disheartening for me to learn, and I would hate for anyone else to go through the.”

She continued, “Game developers, please give credit to EVERYONE involved in the development of a game. It only makes sense.”

In response to Mao’s message, Sony Santa Monica senior audio technical designer Sean LaValle said he was “sorry to hear that”, agreeing that “everyone who has contributed to a project should be given credit”.

While LaValle said “it may indeed be too late” to rectify the situation, he assured Mao that he would “certainly ask about it”.

Yesterday, Mao had heard no more from Sony Santa Monica.

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