LG unveils vibrating speakers as ultra-thin alternative to traditional car audio

LG unveils vibrating speakers as ultra-thin alternative to traditional car audio

LG Display will release slim and vibrant speakers for cars in the first half of 2023, the company announced today. The Thin Actuator sound solution has passport-like dimensions and forgoes many of the bulkier parts of typical car speakers.

LG Display is known to develop billboard technologies and to supply them to various companies, including the consumer brand LG. Its new speaker does not use a cone, magnet or voice coil and does not require a speaker grille. Instead, the speaker relies on what the company described as “film-like excitation technology,” which vibrates across display panels “and various materials inside the bodywork. of the car” to create “3D” sound, which LG Display claims is as good as traditional sound. car speakers produce.

LG even worked with a “global audio company” to develop the speakers, but we can’t tell you if that’s impressive or not as LG Display didn’t specify the name of the partner.

The exciters are compact, giving the Thin Actuator sound solution versatility in placement and freeing up more space inside cars. LG Display sees the offering being used in vehicle dashboards, headrests, headliners and pillars, for example. The speaker measures 5.9 × 3.5 × 0.1 inches (150 × 90 × 2.5 mm) and weighs 1.4 ounces (40 g). In its announcement, LG Display said it was 10% thicker than a typical car speaker and 30% lighter.

LG Display's car speaker is about as big as a passport.
Enlarge / LG Display’s car speaker is about as big as a passport.

LG Display has announced that it will showcase its speakers at the CES show in Las Vegas in January.

Vibrating panel speakers are far from mainstream, but we’ve seen them used before, mostly in TVs. Sony launched Acoustic Surface OLED TVs in 2017, and the company garnered positive reviews with recent iterations, like the A9Gespecially when he come to talk. In August, LG Display introduced a 97 inch OLED EX TV panel which claims to use a vibrating display panel to deliver 5.1 channel sound.

While LG Display’s automotive speakers should offer automakers more choices when it comes to speaker placement, sound quality is the big question for all potential partners and drivers.

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