Tile offers discounts on a bunch of Bluetooth trackers in time for Black Friday

Tile offers discounts on a bunch of Bluetooth trackers in time for Black Friday

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The tile has cut down a handful of its popular Bluetooth item trackers ahead of Black Friday. The offers include the latest Tile Mate tracker at $18, about $7 less than its usual rate and on par with the lowest price we’ve seen. The diminutive tile sticker is on sale for $20, which is $1 above its all-time low, but still $10 less than its usual selling price. Shaped like a credit card Thin Tilemeanwhile, is down to $25, which is $2 above the all-time low, but also about $10 below its average sale price.

Buy the Tile tracker sale on Amazon

Offers are available at third-party retailers like Amazon and Tile’s own online store; the latter includes a few additional bundles at a discount, and some of the deals include a year of the company Prime subscription, which includes benefits such as free battery replacement. Tile advertises the discounts as its “holiday sale,” so we expect them to continue through Black Friday proper.

Tile trackers remain one worthy alternative at Apple’s AirTags – which are also for sale this week — for Android users. They’re not as accurate at locating an attached item as AirTags, and they can’t tap into as massive a network of devices as Apple’s, but their crowd-finding network is the second-largest available, and the three trackers on sale here can use Bluetooth to directly locate lost items about 200-250 feet away. They’re also available in a range of more versatile designs: the Mate, for example, has a built-in key fob hole, while the sticker can attach directly to smaller objects thanks to an adhesive back.

The tile was acquired last year by family tracking company Life360, which recently said it would integrate Tile with its own location service. The parent company is committed to reduce its sale of user data earlier this year after previous reportsbut tracking devices like these are still are not likely to please the privacy hawks. None of the devices on sale here also include a replaceable battery – that’s now limited to the $35 Tile Pro, which is not updated. (Tile estimates that the sealed batteries in the Mate, Sticker, and Slim will last up to three years.) Still, if you’re prone to misplacing your keys or wallet and want extra peace of mind, these can help. provide that, and now they’re a little more affordable.

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