Best COVID-19 coverage in 2022

Best COVID-19 coverage in 2022

Did you miss the best COVID-19 stories on Drug Topics® for 2022? Catch up on these remarkable stories today.

ten. The incubation period for COVID-19 varies by strain of SARS-CoV-2

With the evolution of different variants of COVID-19, finding the average incubation period has become more complex.

9. Why uptake of the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine booster is slow

Uptake of the bivalent COVID-19 booster has been very slow, although the booster provides better protection against new variants. What can pharmacists and their teams do to improve recall rates?

8. Diabetes and lower COVID-19 outcomes in minority communities

Studies link the disease to a higher risk of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths.

seven. COVID-19: an attack on the brain

What are the long-term psychiatric and neuropsychiatric complications of COVID-19?

6. Self-tests for COVID-19 are accurate and tolerable for children

A comparison of COVID-19 PCR tests and rapid self-tests found that the self-tests were very accurate and child-friendly.

5. Overprescribed antibiotics to hospitalized children with COVID-19

Although few cultures showed bacterial co-infections, many children received antibiotics.

4. Maternal vaccination reduces risk of COVID-19 hospitalization for infants

Infants of fully vaccinated mothers had fewer cases of hospitalization due to COVID-19 than those who were not vaccinated.

3. Waste issue shows COVID-19 vaccines aren’t just a dime a dozen

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, independent pharmacies are set up to fail by federal health partners.

2. Identification of patient barriers to monoclonal antibody therapy for COVID-19

Monoclonal antibodies have been helpful in preventing serious disease in patients at increased risk, but there are barriers to receiving this treatment.

1. Breaking down the benefits and risks of co-administering COVID-19 and influenza vaccines

Help protect patients by giving them the facts about getting both vaccines at once to save them a trip and increase vaccination rates.

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