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Court denies COVID-19 patient’s petition for right to vote

Taipei, Nov. 25 (CNA) The Taipei High Administrative Court on Friday dismissed a petition filed by a COVID-19 patient who requested that special arrangements be made for him to vote in the upcoming local elections.

The patient, a man named Lu (呂), was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 on November 21 and was warned by the Hsinchu City Public Health Bureau to self-isolate until midnight Saturday, on election day.

Lu asked the court to order election officials to extend voting hours until noon on Sunday so he could vote.

The court said in its decision on Friday that Lu’s claim was groundless under the Administrative Dispute Law, arguing that the Central Election Commission’s decision to schedule and conduct elections did not constitute a legal relationship with voters that could be challenged under the law.

Moreover, allowing voters to vote beyond the voting hours set by the electoral commission would affect the publication of the results, which would not be in the best interest of the general public, the court argued.

According to Vice Health Minister Victor Wang (王必勝), who heads the Central Epidemic Command Center, about 65,000 voters are isolated due to COVID-19 and will not be able to vote on Saturday.

The decision of the court can be appealed.

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