God of War Ragnarok - How to Beat All Berserkers

God of War Ragnarok – How to Beat All Berserkers

Berserker battles in God of War Ragnarok are no joke! These vengeful spirits are fearsome and defeating them all leads to one of the toughest fights in the game. Whether you just want general advice on how to fight these enemies or need an in-depth guide for each between them, we’ve got you covered – here’s how to defeat all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok.

*SPOILER WARNING* – This video shows mid, end and post-game footage, we recommend that you only watch this video after you have at least completed the main mission “Forging Destiny” or cleared the game entirely.

00:00 – Introduction
General tips
01:08 – How to find Berserkers
01:35 – Level up (health bar colors)
02:07 – Use lockdown strategically
02:30 – Parry attacks when possible
03:10 – How to remove elemental debuffs
03:49 – 1-2 punch
04:11 – Ranged elemental attacks
05:03 – Proximity detonation attack
05:31 – How to avoid death from above
05:55 – Using resurrection stones
06:34 – Fill Berserker stun meters
07:17 – Which weapons are the best
08:41 – Use permafrost, immolation and maelstrom
09:06 – Runic attacks and runic shields
09:40 – Interrupt blue circle attacks

Berserker specific tips
10:20 – Fraekni the Zealous (Midgard)
10:48 – Beigadr the Feared (Svartalfheim)

11:27 – Hardrefill the Callous (Svartalfheim)
11:57 – Hjalti the Stolid (Alfheim)
12:40 – Hvitserkr the Bold (Vanaheim)
13:52 – Haklangr the Bearded (Vanaheim)
15:54 – Alfheim Trio (Svipdagr the Cold & The Sisters of Illska)
18:27 – Svartalfheim Duo (Bodvar the Fierce & Starolf the Inconvenient)
20:33 – Skjothendi the Infallible (Niflheim)
22:21 – King Hrolf Kraki (Midgard)

For walkthroughs, guides, and our interactive map, be sure to check out our Ragnarok guide on IGN.com!

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